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What We Do

At ABA, we bring together the most senior consultants in the industry with a wide range of experience, connections, and expertise to help our clients expand (see our list of associates) to create and implement growth strategies.

It’s not enough to be innovative. And in these times of educational transformation, size is not an unassailable competitive advantage.

If you want to be successful, you need leadership to fit your products and services into the policies, funding streams, pedagogies, and technologies that are fueling this change. And no one person has the answer. ABA brings you a team with domain expertise and highly developed skills in brainstorming, collaboration, problem solving, and creativity.

We usually begin with a needs analysis or what we call a deep dive to devise and then help implement a 12-24 month growth strategy involving:

  • Marketing: how do we construct a value proposition for our products and communicate it to our potential audiences, how do we incorporate that into all of our communications, how do we get referrals, speakers, and case studies, what activities can we undertake to reach decision makers, what are our expected marketing costs, and what are the expected benefits?
  • Product Development: how do we determine which improvements and features will best fuel growth?
  • Pricing: how do we devise a pricing structure that will be accepted in the education marketplace, and how do we validate it?
  • Business Development: what types of companies should be approached for possible partnerships, who should undertake those efforts, and what milestones should be expected?
  • Sales and Distribution: what is the next phase of sales and distribution for the company, who are the decision makers, how will they fund their purchases, what are our expected sales costs and results, How do we generate and convert leads, and who should do what when?
  • Finance: what is all of this going to cost, when is the money needed, and where is it going to come from?
  • Decisions: what decisions will need to be reached when, and what data do we need to collect in order to make them?

Working with your team, we will develop and implement growth strategies that work.

For more information on how ABA can help your organization, please contact us.