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It’s not just about being innovative, it’s about helping transform education from the industrial age to the network age.

Academic Business Advisors was started in 2005 by Mitch Weisburgh and Farimah Schuerman.

Mitch had designed instructional systems and content for over 20 years, and had started and run his own companies. Farimah had helped companies with sales and marketing into both the K12 and Higher Ed markets, also for over 20 years. Both had experience developing business strategies, and both were driven by the gap between the results that education was delivering and the potential for educational transformation to provide a strong foundation for every student to become confident and competent adults.

A recognized leader in the Education marketplace, ABA has helped dozens of companies grow their businesses.

To accomplish business development goals, ABA has relationships with C-Level executives across the US education industry, shortcutting the lengthy process of developing understanding and trust.   Here are a few examples of how we have worked with clients and what they have achieved:

  1. Became part of the senior management team for a video based professional development company over five years during their transition from a small video catalog company into one of the largest nationwide professional development companies.
  2. Advised a platform company who was a new entrant into the K12 and higher education markets, developing and helping execute the strategies behind their first statewide contracts.
  3. Advised a large traditional publisher on their entry into the online school market, designing and creating their first 30 high school courses.
  4. Advised a traditional university on their first forays into online marketing to their graduates, helping create a marketing plan and compelling content that exceeded their expectations in registrations.
  5. Created an online community of writing teachers, including a blog, social media, webcasts and webinars with hundreds of participants, and a contest that included thousands of voting participants for a library supplier who was just entering the curriculum market.
  6. Created the first user conference for a content company, with nationally known speakers along with speakers from their customers. Client was able to trace over $500,000 of sales to conversations that started from the conference, and the conference has been held every year since.
  7. Served as the bridge between small innovative companies, larger companies with nationwide distribution, and potential investors.

Our specialty is operational strategic advisement as part of a company’s senior management.  Our extensive relationships and experience allow us to maximize the return on investment and effort for our clients, accelerating their path to success.

For more information on how ABA can help your organization, please contact us.

Mitch Weisburgh

As a partner at Academic Business Advisors, Mitch Weisburgh works with educators, policy makers, thought leaders, and EdTech providers to get best educational practices into schools and used by students and teachers. Mitch has overseen development of systems, content, curriculum, and courses across the spectrum of K-12, postsecondary, corporate training, and job readiness, and helped many organizations expand in both K-12 and Higher Education. Mitch co-authored the SIIA guide to the Postsecondary Market and is a national speaker at conferences on education technology in both K12 and higher education. He writes the PilotED Blog and is on the Boards of the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) Education Division and Youth Rights Media. Mitch was the founder, President, and CEO of Personal Computer Learning Centers of America, Inc, from 1981 through 1999. Under Mitch’s guidance, the company developed methods for creating training materials, training trainers, developing course developers, and teaching technical writing, growing the business to eight offices, and 130 employees. Mitch was subsequently Chief Technical Officer, College, 2000-2004 where he successfully designed, developed, launched, and managed an online learning management system and SAT preparation course.

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