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Games4Ed is a non-profit co-founded by Mitch Weisburgh, Larry Cocco, and Steve Isaacs dedicated to examining the possibilites and issues regarding the use of game-based learning. It establishes collaborations between educators, researchers, game developers, publishers and policy makers to further the use of games and other immersive learning strategies in schools to help the education sector fulfill the mission of preparing all children to become successful 21st century learners and citizens. To find out how you can get involved in research or pilot programs, contact Mitch Weisburgh.

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Edchat Interactive started with Steven Anderson, Tom Whitby, and Mitch Weisburgh. The three of us saw an opportunity to conduct PD more in tune with the way we learn, and to use technology to bring the skills and knowledge of education thought leaders to hundreds of thousand of educators. People don’t learn just by watching. We need to interact, reflect, and participate. That’s our model, in 45 minute segments that fit into the busy lives of educators.
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For more information on Mitch Weisburgh’s extensive background in education, take a look at his bio or LinkedIn page.