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Thoughts from two EdTech Conferences

From the IMS Global Learning Impact Institute in New Orleans May 5-8

No one company, no state, no school district, and no individual school is going to transform education; we’re all going to have to find ways to work together.

There were many presentations about the failings of education. But there were also examples of how partnerships between different schools, schools and companies, and companies and other companies had greater impact than the sum of their parts.

Anyone who wants to make an impact with an edtech solution will need to think closely about how their product or service works with other content and systems to make life easier for teachers and administrators.

To this end, we see continued momentum building behind the LTI and QTI standards, both in higher education and K12.

From the SIIA Education Industry Forum in San Francisco May 12-14

First of all, congratulations to all CODiE Award winners, but especially to our clients:

Classlink LaunchPad Suite, Classlink, Inc for Best Classroom Management Solution
uCertify Labs, uCertify for best Postsecondary Learning Solution
Inquiry, for Best Instructional Solution in Other Curriculum Areas
It was so refreshing to hear so many companies talking about a rebound in education spending, and to see so many discussions between companies about forming potential partnerships. It’s clear that this is a top venue for edtech business development discussions.

Much of my time was spent introducing the New Zealand EdTech success story XorroQ to the US Education Market.

In the US, we’ve been obsessed with using formative assessment to determine what each student should learn next. Pablo Garcia of XorroQ brought the discussions back to another, perhaps even more useful, purpose of formative assessment: to guide the teacher while he/she is conducting a class (either in a classroom or online). A teacher with real time information on class engagement and understanding is better able to keep students paying attention and learning.

XorroQ is looking for US partners to help them leverage their Australia/New Zealand triumphs (in both K12 and postsecondary) in the US. If interested, just let us know and we can arrange an introduction.