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Global Company Entering US Market

It can be a challenge to introduce your company to a new market.

A successful Australian edtech company had the potential to help US classrooms move from a teacher-led to student-centric pedagogy, by giving students authentic voice and capitalizing on social learning.

But they found that the US education markets are particularly complex, composing 14,000 separate districts over 50 states. Fortunately, Academic Business Advisors has intimate knowledge of the market landscape. With our help, this company was able to determine the education funding streams that could pay for their service, position their value proposition for both the decision makers who needed the results and the teachers who wanted more for their students, create a targeted US website and sales materials, streamline their sales channels, and focus their marketing efforts on a few key states. The company had a great start, because they took advantage of the strong relationships and deep knowledge that ABA has spent more than 10 years developing.