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Edchat Interactive

Edchat Interactive started with Steven Anderson, Tom Whitby, and Mitch Weisburgh.

We saw that as the US Education system moves from the industrial model to the network model, there are so many exemplary educators and schools, but they generally exist in isolation. And we asked, “how do we spread best practices using the latest in technology and incorporating what we now know about how humans learn?”

Webinars aren’t the answer; people don’t learn just by watching. So how do you spread the knowledge and skills of the hundreds or thousands of accomplished education practitioners?

The three of us saw an opportunity to conduct PD more in tune with the way we learn, and to use technology to bring the skills and knowledge of education thought leaders to hundreds of thousand of educators.

Edchat Interactive events are conversations. Session leaders direct participants through live video interactions with both small and large groups in ways that are epitomize 21st century teaching.

Why should PD be boring?

Engage, Interact, Reflect. That’s our model, in 45 minute segments that fit into the busy lives of educators.

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